When students certify with KMV, I'm very clear that we're not selling them a brand. I'm not teaching them how to apply lashes specifically for KMV BEAUTY. I teach updated information for all classes provided and we also keep them updated on new information that's being discovered daily. Once my students become certified, they will know how to provide a service safely and comfortably no matter what! Also, if they have any problems along the way, we're 100% Dedicated in providing help, follow-up training and mentorship. I have taken what works and doesn't work, continuing education, product research to provide the best training program out. Loved by students and clients alike, we teach with knowledge, enthusiasm, and joy we're very passionate and very dedicated in providing a place you can come learn, build and enjoy yourself while moving toward a new career. we also educate not only students but clients as well when they come in for a service. We now have 4 locations ATLANTA GA, DALLAS TX, NORTHERN KY, AND DAYTON OHIO

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Tonya Ratliff (Northern Kentucky)

Licensed Cosmetologist 

Certified Lash Extensions and Body Waxing specialist. 

Contact for training.



Neicy Goodall (Dallas TX)

Certified Lash Extension Specialist

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Audrey Baker (Northern KY)

Certified Lash Extension Specialist

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